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Fees (USA): What are the standard merchant account processing rates/fees?

All merchant accounts have processing fees, however since Cash Practice Systems® generate a high-volume of new applications for our merchant bank, Processing Point SAGE, we were able to negotiate competitive rates. Our standard processing rates are very competitive, however if you would like to request a competitive rate analysis, please provide us with a recent statement (all pages) or quote which can be faxed to (877) 291-5825 or uploaded securely HERE.  *Be sure to write “REQUESTING RATE COMPARISON” at the top of your merchant statement or quote, along with your Cash Practice Systems® account number. If we do not receive a comparison request, you will be set up on our standard rates.

RETAIL Merchant Account - Simple Swiper, Virtual Terminal Credit Swiped or CP Mobile:

RETAIL means that you process credit cards in a storefront or office where you interact with your customers face-to-face and physically swipe credit cards through a terminal.

  •   $9.95 Monthly Access Fee (includes the cost of the gateway since you process over the Internet)
  •   $0 Statement Fee
  •   $0.19 transaction fee
  •   1.50% Qualified* Visa/MC Debit Cards
  •   1.70% Qualified* Visa/MC/Discover Credit Cards
  •   *Mid-Qualified Rate +1.29% (rewards cards, manually key entered cards)
  •   *Non-Qualified Rate +1.59% (Corporate Cards, HSA Cards, some rewards cards, manually key entered cards)
  •   American Express (AMEX) OptBlue 2.89% plus $0.10 transaction fee

MOTO Merchant Account - Recurring Auto Debits or Virtual Terminal Credit Keyed:

MOTO means that you process credit cards in an environment where the customer and/or the credit card are not physically present at the time of purchase, either by key-entering in the information, accessing a credit card on file, or setting up an Auto Debit.  Another term used for this is card-not-present credit card processing.

  •   $25 monthly minimum of fees
  •   2.30% Qualified* Visa/MC/Discover Credit/Debit Cards
  •   $0.31 transaction fee
  •   *Mid-Qualified Rate +1.29% (rewards cards, some Corporate cards)
  •   *Non-Qualified Rate +1.59% (Corporate Cards, HSA Cards, some rewards cards)
  •   American Express (AMEX) OptBlue 3.50%

EFT Merchant Account - Processing Checking or Savings Accounts:

Bank EFT stands for Bank Electronic Funds Transfer. It can also be referred to by Electronic Checks, ACH, Virtual Check, or Direct Check Debit. To use Bank EFT, you will need the patient's bank routing and account number.

  •   1.79% plus a $0.50 transaction fee
  •   $9.50 return check fee (you should have a returned check policy in place to cover this cost)
  •   $15 monthly minimum of fees 


Credit Card Network Fees - regulated and charged by Visa/MC/Discover (Applies to ALL merchant processing companies, these are fixed fees and no processor can give you a "lower rate" or "better deal" on these. They are also non-negotiable):

  • Assessments - 0.13% 
  • NABU/APF/DUF Network Fees for V/MC/Disc - $0.02 cents
  • MasterCard Digital Enhancement Fee - 0.01% 
  • VISA FANF fee (RETAIL) - $2.00 per month
  • VISA FANF fee (MOTO) - depends on processing volume
  • MasterCard location fee - $1.25 per month

For PCI fees, please click HERE.


  • A declined credit card is charged the transaction fee only.
  • A voided credit card is charged the transaction fee only.
  • A refunded credit card payment is charged the transaction fee only.
  • If your client disputes a payment directly with his/her bank or credit card company, a chargeback is filed. THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS A DECLINE. The chargeback fee is $25 (investigation fee, not refundable).

 For more information about chargebacks, click HERE.


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